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Decades of experience

Our team of experts have decades of experience analyzing and mitigating even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks

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Our FiveM DDoS Protection solution is easy to setup and highly effective. Time to forget you’re being attacked.

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We offer a free three day, no strings attached trial so that you can see our protection in action. Lets get your FiveM server protected now.

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FiveM DDoS Protection Packages

  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Starter Plan

    Starter Plan

    40.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • 32 Max Players
    • • 5TB monthly clean traffic
    • For smaller FiveM servers
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  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Growing Plan

    Growing Plan

    50.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • 64 Max Players
    • • 10TB monthly clean traffic
    • For growing FiveM servers
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  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Large Plan

    Large Plan

    70.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • 128 Max Players
    • • 20TB monthly clean traffic
    • For large FiveM servers
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  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Mega Plan

    Mega Plan

    80.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • 150 Max Players
    • • 40TB monthly clean traffic
    • For larger FiveM servers
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  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Elite Plan

    Elite Plan

    100.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • 200 Max Players
    • • 60TB monthly clean traffic
    • For very large FiveM servers
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  • FiveM DDoS Protection - Unlimited Plan

    Unlimited Plan

    120.00 / month with a 3-day free trial • Unlimited Max Players
    • • Unlimited monthly clean traffic
    • For FiveM servers that want to be unrestricted
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What makes us the best?

The UnDDoSable team have decades of experience fighting on the front lines of the war against DDoS attacks. Our team of experts have put their mitigation techniques to the test against the largest of FiveM DDoS attacks – coming out on top every time.

The UnDDoSable FiveM DDoS protection service is an easy addon for your FiveM server that will protect it from any attacks you are facing.

A word from one of our clients

Big thanks to the unddosable team for their prompt action securing my server with the best damned anti DDoS I’ve ever seen.

– Craig Palmer, game server owner

Learn about our FiveM Anti-DDoS addon

All Attacks

L3, L4, L7, bandwidth saturation, internal attacks – you name it, our FiveM Anti-DDoS service covers it

Fast Cache

With our blazing fast resource cache, your players will connect in record time, while saving you bandwidth

Attack Notifications

You’ll receive an E-mail straight to your inbox each time your FiveM server is targeted with a DDoS attack

Grows with you

With new found stability comes growth. Upgrade your DDoS protection at any time as your player base expands

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Let our FiveM DDoS Experts Handle it

FiveM Anti-DDoS Team Exports

The UnDDoSable team have a lot of experience when it comes to mitigating large scale, intelligently crafted DDoS attacks that target vulnerabilities within the FiveM server software. Protecting FiveM servers from such attacks requires a tailored approach that is simply not offered in more generalized protection packages. An industry leading protection suite to seamlessly mitigate all standard DDoS attacks, combined with sophisticated DDoS protection algorithms developed specifically for FiveM is required to eliminate the effects of the more advanced DDoS attacks that FiveM servers can be prone to facing.

Our team of experts have designed our FiveM Anti-DDoS service with this in mind, ensuring that all bases are covered and we can block any attack that comes your way.